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Our Story

Japan Marketplace is a collection of seven unique Japanese shops and restaurants. The owner, Takashi Takenaka, was born and raised in a small Japanese village and loved to fish waist-deep in the nearby creek. When he grew up, he wanted to share his knowledge of seafood and Japanese food with many people. After moving to the U.S., he opened his first Japanese restaurant, Akai Hana, in Central Ohio in 1987. Shortly thereafter, he opened Tensuke Market, a Japanese seafood and grocery store.

Now, more than 30 years later, it has grown to six businesses in one location at Kenny Centre in Columbus: Akai Hana, Belle's Bread, J Avenue, Tensuke Express, Tensuke Market, and Sushi Ten. Each one offers a delightful selection of Japanese food and other products, and each is a unique expression of Japanese tradition and culture.

We are proud to introduce YOKOSO CENTER as a new multi-purpose space, which has opened as the seventh venture of Japan Marketplace.  We are here to provide a place for learning and relaxation for Japan Marketplace employees and to share good experiences with the community.  The innovative, artistic and flexible structure, which can be easily arranged for many types of gatherings or events, opens the door to exciting opportunities for lectures, language classes, cooking classes, tea ceremonies, performances, conferences, and more.  ​

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